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Knowing that I’ve spent a great deal of my life writing about sex and relationships, one of the many problems that people present to me is “How do I get the relationship that I want – how do I meet my soulmate?”

What this proves to me beyond any doubt is that if we’re not in a relationship we want to get into one, and if we are in a relationship, we are always seeking something better, either by improving the quality of the relationship we are in or by searching out one that offers more.

And yet the strange thing is very few people would claim to be in a relationship with their soulmate!

One of the reasons for this I think is that people enter into relationship as a matter of chance – most people meet people on a random basis, either because they work with them, or because they live in the same street, because they inhabit same social circle.

When you think about it, this isn’t really a very good basis on which to meet your soulmate, your partner for life, somebody who you find you have everything in common with, and who can both affirm you as a human being, and enter into the exploration of personal development and growth with you.

Let alone – I might hardly add, have wonderful sex with you! (If that's necessary to you.)

So where does it all go wrong – why is choosing a partner on a random basis, somebody whom we are genuinely attracted to, a recipe for – well, at least a mundane relationship, if not total disappointment followed by breakup and all the stress and distress that goes with that.

Manifestation works if you trust the process

The answer is that the reason we are attracted to people on a superficial, earthly plane, is because we are drawn to the people who can help us finish the emotional development that was inhibited at some stage in an earlier relationship with our parents or caregivers.

In other words, we project onto people who we see as having the same deficiencies of our parents, the opportunity to complete the emotional gestalt which developed and was inhibited in the failed relationship with our parents.

Now this is all very well and good, of course, providing that we do actually complete the emotional journey with the people that our subconscious has chosen as being likely to hold the archetypal imperative for us. (By the archetypal imperative, all I mean to suggest is that these are the people who hold the parental archetype with which we have unfinished business – and unfinished business, as you’re very likely to know already, means emotional inhibitions, arrested emotional development, or emotional triggers which cause us to move into a regressive place.)

Now having said that, it takes great insight, depth of emotional development, and intense desire to enter into the difficult and challenging process of exploring our emotional shadows to the point where two people can grow together into the place where they genuinely form a loving relationship and completely trust each other.

Most people don’t even know about this phenomenon of projection and transference, and so they never enter into the relationship in a way that will give them both a joyous loving relationship and a very satisfying fulfilling sexual relationship with a soulmate.

So this leaves us with a dilemma, does it not? How can we form a loving relationship when most of the relationships we form are actually based on unfinished emotional needs, which by definition can hardly lead to a good relationship in the present, here and now, adult sense?

The answer is to do it slightly differently: first of all to have the intention to meet your soulmate, then to use the process of manifestation (which has been known to initiated men and women for centuries) to actually attract to you the person who is the perfect partner for you.

Now everybody’s heard of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne; it’s the presentation of the information about manifestation in a modern format, perhaps the most recent and most successful moneymaking venture ever engaged in by somebody writing about the Law of Attraction!

Cynicism aside, however, while The Secret does not in itself contain much about how to manifest your desires, whether it be money, success, or a successful sexual relationship, it does actually pointers to the area of knowledge which is necessary for us to be able to achieve the kind of success in relationship that we desire.

It’s much better for you to follow a modern-day expert who sets out the techniques and practices of manifestation in a way that will enable you to actually use them to form a relationship with a soulmate. My recommendation would be that you have a look at this website, which is all about the art of getting what you want, whether a better body and losing weight, money, relationships, or success in broader terms, and indeed of all of the qualities that are pre-requisites for successful use of the Law of Attraction – the art of co-creation.

Manifestation is the key to relationship

I might say that using the Law of Attraction is not as easy as it was represented by Rhonda Byrne in The Secret, because one of the things that she overlooked was the fact that if you have any limiting beliefs whatsoever they are going to inhibit the process of manifestation and cause you to fail at successful co-creation.

(Co-creation simply being an expression which refers to your involvement in cooperation with the universe prior to the manifestation of what it is that you desire to achieve in the physical world.)

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a great relationship, if you’re looking for a loving relationship, if you looking for something that will help make your heart sing with joy, then manifestation is probably the best way to do it.

In essence, the process is to form a visual image of your desired partner which is precise in every detail, and then to imagine that they are in your life right now, a process which requires you to act “as if” they are in your life right now, while you simultaneously set about inviting the universe to initiate a series of coincidences and synchronicities that will enable you to actually meet them in real life.

If you’d like to read more about this please have a look at the website that I recommended above, because it does contain all the information you need to manifest anything in life successfully!

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Updated October 10 2017