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One of the great advantages of the Venus Factor is that it offers a computerized program which enables you to work out exactly what your dietary requirement should be during the course of your weight loss program.

Let's face it, losing weight can be difficult, and losing weight quickly can be even more challenging -- which is why you need the best possible advice from experts in the field who have years of training and expertise behind them.

Even so, the level of expertise and training that John Barban has demonstrated in the Venus Factor is quite extraordinary: for example, it includes a computerized program to determine your weight loss requirements and your dietary and nutritional requirements goes way beyond anything that any other program offers.

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I actually think that a lot of the reasons why people break down during the training regime or weight loss regime, or even quite simply while trying diet, is that they lack the kind of information that a computerized system can provide.

And let's face it, there's nothing more demotivating than a breakdown in either communication or motivation, and since we live in a technological age, computerized systems seem to be the answer.

I mean by this is that successful dieting and weight loss probably depends on a combination of both the computerized technology and good old-fashioned human values. The Venus Factor, which, as I said before, is written by John Barban (author of the Adonis Golden Ratio as well), offers both the technological side of things in terms of its computerized programs and printouts, which you can take to the gym, download onto your phone, or print out and use at home, and it also offers the good old-fashioned human values in the shape of the Venus Factor community.

The Venus Factor community complements the computerized side of the science of losing weight system perfectly: it allows you to connect with other women who are interested in weight loss, body shaping, slimming, and all the other juicy benefits such as health improvements, looking good, feeling great, and increased self-confidence.

Would you buy into the idea below? The Venus Factor may change your mind!

From this?

To this?

I've even known people who have breakdowns, that is to say emotional breakdowns, regain their emotional health and well-being by using the computerized system that John Barban offers, mostly because it enabled them to stick to a diet plan when the motivation was low.

Now all of this sounds perhaps a little too good to be true, but I want to emphasize that the Venus Factor is not some kind of technological nightmare that is hard to use - it's actually really simple!

In fact it's so simple that a technological Newbie can do it, because we're all using computers to a simple level, the level that is necessary to download the information necessary for your personalized Venus Factor program.

You will have gathered by now that I'm a real enthusiast about the Venus Factor. I think one of the reasons for this is because it actually works. And when I analyzed whether or not it works, what I came to see very clearly was that it's a complete package that sustains people's motivation.

Working on diet and slimming when you're on your own is a hard process, or at least it can be a hard process, but when you have the support of both a community of people like yourself, who are trying to lose weight using their own initiative and dedication to the concept of looking good and feeling fine, combined with technological processes that are actually computerized and easy-to-use, you have the best of all possible worlds.

Now as with all personal improvement programs, nothing can actually be guaranteed: the one thing that I do know about the Venus Factor is that the success rate is extremely high -- much higher than any other weight loss program that I'm aware of.

In another post on this same blog, I'll go into details about some aspects of the Venus Factor that will probably encourage you to try it out. Knowing that it has a money-back guarantee is probably also encouraging factor!


Ways To Give A Woman The Easiest Weight Loss Plan Ever!

So when we talk about personalized weight loss and diet plan, you may be wondering exactly what we mean by that.
How can a Venus Factor program be tailored to every single woman who is actually trying to lose weight using this method?

The answer to that lies in the fact that your exact needs to dieting are based on your specific body shape, your dietary needs, and of course also what you're trying to achieve on a personal level.

It's vital that all three of these points are taken account of and respected when you're engaged in a diet plan. You can read about these ideas here.

The Venus Factor will actually accommodate all your specific requirements, that is to say those requirements which are individual to you and unique to you. That means you're going to find that you have an amazing advantage over any other weight loss plan available.

Indeed, John Barban has made it very clear that one of his objectives and aims when writing the Venus Factor was precisely this: to make sure that it fits with every individual's lifestyle, so that from day one they are well on the way to achieving positive results without any difficulty whatsoever.

Now we all know time is short - that's a fact, and the truth of the matter is that you won't have several hours to spend every day on exercising and weight loss regimes. So another reason why a personalized program is such a benefit an advantage is that you're going to be able to make your weight loss program more efficient.

So what have we got so far? We have a program that is personalized to you, accommodates your specific individual requirements, and will allow you to formulate a diet and exercise program that will enable you to get the right body shape and lose the correct and weight.

Motivation and diet

The computerized system that is available to do this is obviously a great advantage to any woman who's trying to lose weight and diet, because the truth of the matter is that manually calculating diet plans is tedious and unnecessary.

If you can actually get the computer to do this for you, there's no risk of a breakdown in motivation, no risk of a breakdown in health, and no risk of a breakdown in computer technology either!

One thing that does often come up in the questions people ask me about the Venus Factor when I recommended it is the issue of motivation. We all know that working on willpower alone will simply not succeed for the great majority of us.

The reason for this is that the behavior patterns that are deeply embedded in our brains are the ones that fundamentally control our behavior, including our motivation for change, and our ability to stick to goals and achieve them.

So one way that you can overcome this is with deep therapy, and another way, somewhat more practical, is to get the support of the Venus Factor community.

Once again, it's technology that comes to our aid and assistance in trying to achieve goals around personal objectives like weight loss.

There's a website called my weight loss pal which has been doing this quite some time, where women hook up with each other to encourage, support, and that is accountability partners to each other while trying to slim.

The Venus Factor has its own community, which serves the same purpose all the members of the Venus Factor are unable through computer technology to communicate with each other: in a way that allows them to encourage each other, motivate each other, and keep each other going, as they strive to their weight loss goals.

So what you're going to be picking up from me, I hope, is that the Venus Factor is certainly not a "one size fits all" solution to weight loss.

 Far from it, in fact it's actually a beautiful system, elegantly designed, allowing individuals to seek and find motivation that they might otherwise lack, and encouraging a positive attitude not just to weight loss, but life in general.

You see the advantages of computer technology extend far beyond the obvious -- e-mails, Googling, data storage -- into areas of personal life which you might never expected to find computer technology aiding and encouraging.

So much the better for all of us that this system is available to us, because we all know that losing weight fast can be challenging: so having the support of the Venus Factor community allows you to engage with other women, exchange exercise tips, trade weight loss advice, information about diets, and generally just "chew the fat" about the thing that is most interest to you -- which is your current objective of losing weight, and in the process of doing so, becoming the woman you want to be, both in terms of internal emotional life and external appearance.

Don't forget that this is exactly the kind of information you need, that shows you how to overcome the difficulties and struggles that may crop up while you're trying to diet, and to gain the support of others who understand exactly where you're at in the process of completing your 12 week diet plan.

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